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Welcome to SunTriz™, a website for learning about solar electrical power from photovoltaics (PV) especially for residential homes. This site is tailored for both novice and enthusiast. We focus on Los Altos, California including Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay area. Yes, you can make your meter run backwards and get paid for the electricity you produce, driving your bills to zero.

A 2.5Kw system, smaller that that for a typical home, reflects environmental benefits such as these: 300 fewer barrels of oil are used, two tons of coal not burned annually. For air quality, it's the same as 270,000 miles not driven by reducing 1,100 lbs of acid rain emissions that would've been produced to generate the equivalent electricity. It reduces greenhouse gasses by nearly one-quarter of a million pounds. Over a typical 25 year PV system lifetime, it's the same as planting nearly 5,000 trees. Plus, you can save oodles of money as electricity rates continue to skyrocket, and be insulated from those spiraling costs.
General Information
Going Solar (Los Altos Town Crier) | American Solar Energy Society | Solar Buzz | California Million Solar Roofs | Sunpower's Link List | Northern California Solar Energy Assoc. | California Solar Industries Assoc. | California Emerging Renewables Program | Solar Electrical's "University" | CA 2005 Energy Outlook | CA Renewable Potential (map) | State Electrical Profiles | Rocky Mountain Institute on PV | | US Energy Information Administration | CA Energy Solar Links | California Solar Center | Sandia Labs PV | NREL: Solar Resource | NREL: Learning Site |
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Economics, Incentives
Current Rebates | CA Solar Incentives | Akeena: Reduce Your Bill | Gaiam: Calculate Your New Bill | Economics of Solar Energy | Landmark Study of Solar Benefits | EERE: Solar Benefits | Perihelion Eco-Tourism | Solar Midwest | EPA: Clean Energy Benefits | Sierra Club: Solar Payback | Green Tags |
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Typical Systems
Cobalt Power: System Layout | ReGrid: Types of Solar Systems | Palo Alto: 5 Case Studies | Solectric: How It Works | Some systems around Santa Cruz | CA Case Study (Saratoga) |
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Environmental Benefits
Build It With Solar | Solar Electric Light Fund | Solar Benefits | Solar Sense | Energy Network (Australia) | Environmental Savings Estmator |
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Frequently Asked Questions
PAH:FAQ | BP Solar:FAQ | Kyocera:FAQ | Dept Energy Solar FAQ | AltairEnergy:FAQ | SkyPower's Download Depot | MrSolar FAQ |
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Various Local Solar Companies
Cobalt Power Los Altos | Akeena Solar Los Gatos | MC Solar Santa Clara | ReGrid Systems Campbell | Solar Technologies Santa Cruz | Palo Alto Hardware Solar Division | Alpine Electric Soquel | SunLit Systems Pleasanton | Owens Electric Burlingame | EcoEnergies Sunnyvale | Solectric Palo Alto | Anderson Niswander Redwood City | Sustainable Tech Alameda |
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Grid Performance Calculator | Fat Spaniel Internet Monitoring | Palo Alto Utilities PV Program | Solar Depot | MrSolar Online Store | City of Los Altos Building Department |
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About SunTriz™
This site is presented by the Future Security Energy Awareness Program of the The Sunarcher Organization in Los Altos, California, Silicon Valley, USA. This purpose of this site, and its sister site, is to provide the reader with various introductory web links for learning about an aspect of renewable energy. This way, people can make informed decisions for improving their personal future as well as for the betterment of all people. For more information, please email the webmaster at this site. Thank you for reading.
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